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Having worked with over 400+ students privately, I consistently help students outperform expectations within the admissions process. Due to overwhelming demand from the Reddit community, I have decided to put up my consultation information on this website. Email me to get started on consultation:

Consultation Services



$450 (Limited)

At an hourly rate, I provide essay editing and guidance through Skype and Hangout. A popular option for students who need to finalize an application strategy, perfect their applications, essays, and activities.

Class of 2021 students in this program were accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Princeton, and more.

Elite Admissions

Consulting Package:


At a discount, you'll receive 10 hours of customized hourly consultation and essay editing. A popular option for students who are looking for top-tier admissions guidance at a more economical cost.

Class of 2021 students in this program were accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Princeton, and more.

Complete Senior-Year Admissions Program:

$16,000 (Sold Out)

An all-inclusive admissions package that includes unlimited essay editing, unlimited applications, and admissions guidance for your senior year cycle. Perfect for students applying to 15+ universities.

Over 87% of Class of 2021 students were accepted to Top 8 USNEWS universities (Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, UChicago) and Top 3 LAC universities.


Admissions Program

(Sold Out)

A highly selective, all-inclusive yearly admissions package that includes unlimited essay editing and admissions guidance for your freshmen, sophomore, or junior years. Specialized help for developing extracurriculars and summer program applications.

Complete Transfer Admissions Program:

$10,000 (Limited)

All-inclusive admissions package that includes unlimited essay editing and guidance on up to 8 applications for one transfer cycle. Given the increased difficulty of transfer admissions, this program is specialized for students looking for top-tier guidance.

Pro Bono Admissions

Consulting for

Low-Income Students

Every year, I work with a select few highly disadvantaged students around the globe. Click here for the 2021 PBA Application!

Class of 2021 PBA students received acceptances and/or FULL scholarships to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Princeton, and more!


How long does it take to edit and evaluate my Common Application?

Typically 45 minutes to an hour.

How are consultation sessions usually conducted?

Sessions are conducted through phone calls, Google Hangout, Skype etc.

Why should I NOT hire you?

I specialize in the very top U.S. Colleges (Ivy League Plus), Cambridge/Oxford/UCL, and the University of California system. I prefer not to work with students who are exclusively aiming for universities that are outside of the USNEWS Top 40.

I’m interested in transfer admissions, specialized programs (B.S./M.D. or other dual-degree), and/or I have an untraditional background, can you help?

If you’re aiming for any of the above, you should almost always seek out a professional with admissions office experience. Every year, I help students receive acceptances to prestigious programs such as Brown PLME, UPenn’s dual-degree Huntsman program, and more.

What payment method(s) do you currently accept?


Why did you make this website?

I’m against the idea of marketing myself. However, I receive dozens of messages a day and think it’s much easier to have my information listed in one place.

I appreciate all your work for the Reddit community, can I tip you or send you a Venmo?

I was surprised to receive many of these messages, but I’d prefer that students donate to a worthy cause or charity organization. Here’s a list of some awesome ones!

Due to student demand, I am unable to take new students for the 2022-2023 admissions cycle unless you are referred to me by a former student OR are a transfer/graduate school applicant.

  • Based in Manhattan, New York